HCPL Computer Assistance Policy

Librarians are not available to provide detailed on-demand computer instruction.
Computer novices should bring someone with them for assistance or should sign up for
scheduled classes provided by the library. Please note the following ways that our staff can and cannot help.

Librarians will provide:
  • Assistance with research strategies utilizing electronic resources.
  • Brief informal library catalog instruction.
  • Basic help with software applications – but ultimately it is the patron’s’responsibility to
    know the program he/she is using.
  • Appropriate tip sheets and/or manuals.
  • Referrals to online help screens and/or computer classes offered at the library or locally.
  • Assistance with frozen computers and other problems with library equipment.
Librarians will not provide:
  • Assistance with online financial transactions (buying, selling, banking, tax preparation) beyond making website suggestions (not endorsements), and providing basic web navigation.
  • Assistance with patron’s equipment, laptops, digital cameras, phones and other devices.
Library staff assumes no responsibility for loss of any data or damage to diskettes from a patron’s use of library computers, software, or equipment.

Patrons are not permitted to connect their laptops directly to the library network using an Ethernet cable.

Revised June 2006
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